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      What is CMA (Certified Management Accountant)?

      The Certified Management Accountant (CMA) credential is a nationally recognised certification in strategic management and financial accounting. CMAs operate in an organization’s accounting, planning, and corporate finance departments. Cost accountants, financial strategists, and risk analysts are among the roles held by CMAs, and often CMAs work as corporate decision-makers within their departments. Become a CMA to expand your career options, increase your earning potential, and enhance your work satisfaction.

      AKPIS Professionals helps students and graduates gain the qualities they need to be future-ready and advance in their careers. With AKPIS, you can earn your CMA, build a global reputation, and secure guaranteed jobs at one of India’s Big 4 or MNCs. If you are looking for the best CMA Coaching in India online, then we are here for you.

      How to become a CMA?

      • Plan out defined goals.
      • Join IMA.
      • Enrol in a CMA program
      • Be sure of creating a study plan.
      • Have access to the best study material.
      • Schedule your CMA exam testing appointment.
      • Clear the CMA exam.
      • Register for the CMA exam.
      • Meet the experience and education requirements


      Each state board has different eligibility criteria, that needs to be met by the aspirant to take the US CPA exams


        or Call Us: 9205207573

        Enrolling in a CMA Program

        The first two steps our quiet clear when it comes to CMA. So let’s understand how enrolling in a CMA program works. Following your enrollment in IMA, you are entitled to apply for the ICMA’s CMA program. To apply for the CMA test and gain your CMA credential, you must first enroll in the CMA program. You have three years from the time you enroll in the CMA program to complete all sections of the CMA test.

        Although passing the CMA tests takes three years, completing the schooling and experience criteria takes seven years. You won’t be a CMA until you’ve completed all of the CMA specifications and requested your certificate.

        AKPIS offers the best online coaching in India for US CMA, CPA, CA, and many more accounting courses.

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        Not only will meeting these criteria mean that you continue to benefit from your CMA credential, but they will also help you gain a better understanding of accounting, company, and management practises, as well as keep updated with current trends.

        AKPIS is your reliable partner in the CMA journey helping you with the right guidance, experienced faculty and GLEIM study material. If you wish to enhance your career in the accounting vertical then contact us, we provide personalized attention to our learners with doubt solving sessions online, eradicating the distance barrier.

        To maintain your CMA certification

        You’ll be registered for CMA certification after you’ve taken the test and have the requisite training and education. To maintain the CMA certification you must:

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