Become CMA with AKPIS

How do you become a CMA?

Becoming a CMA means you would have to meet requirements that are set by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), the first towards it would be passing the CMA exam.

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    What are the requirements to become a CMA?

    • Hold an active IMA membership
    • Clear both the parts, Parts 1 and 2 of the CMA Exam.
    • Hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college/university or a related professional certification.
    • IMA’s Statement of Ethical Professional Practice must be abided to.
    • Two continuous years of professional experience in the realm of management accounting or financial management.
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    Where to get CMA certification?

    You’ll be registered for CMA certification after you’ve taken the test and have the requisite training and education. To maintain your CMA certification follow the steps:

    Not only will meeting these criteria mean that you continue to benefit from your CMA credential, but they will also help you gain a better understanding of accounting, company, and management practises, as well as keep updated with current trends.

    How to become CMA in India?

    AKPIS is the best coaching institute offering accounting help to the students. We provide quality education to the accounting aspirants, to help them make it big in the accounting realm. We offer a mentorship batch that is aimed at helping students make the most out of our coaching. Here is some key highlight of AKPIS’s Mentorship batch:

    • Basic training session for 30 days. These are perfect for working adults or housewives who have lost contact with the fundamentals.
    • For the learners’ ease, flexible slots and evening special batches are also available.
    • Live Online Classes with archived videos and access to the Gleim Question Bank for future reference.
    • Small batches to ensure personalized attention.
    • Private class with Mr Saluja.
    • A brand-new, “Till You Pass” concept.
    • Results Report and Mock Test Sequence
    • Internal assessments, as well as videos of simulation case studies.

    If you are wondering how to become CMA in India? Then, we have got you covered. Contact us, we can help you in your accounting journey with our esteemed faculty, high-quality and comprehensive study material and so much more.

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