CMA Exam Cost

How much does it cost to become a CMA?

Depending on whether you’re an undergraduate, educator, or professional, the CMA test costs between $850 and $1,350. This is in addition to the extra costs that can arise (e.g., travel or review materials). This page breaks down each of the CMA fees you’ll have to pay, as well as some money-saving tips.

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    How much does becoming a CMA cost?

    The CMA exam costs between $850 and $1,350, depending on whether you’re a student, professor, or professinal. This is in addition to any additional expenses (e.g., travel or review materials). This page breaks down each of the CMA fees you need to pay and offers a few tips on how you can save money.

    Total CMA Designation Cost

    Simplified for a rough estimate

    Membership Type Membership Registration Entrance Exam Total
    Professional $230 $15 $250 $830 #1,325
    Academic $120 $15 $188 $622 $945
    Student $39 $0 $188 $622 $849
    Two-Year Student $78 $0 $188 $622 $888

    How do I qualify for student pricing with IMA?

    You must be enrolled in six credit hours at a university or college to apply for IMA student pricing. You would not be eligible for student pricing if you have already completed a university programme. And if you are already registered, you would not be eligible for student membership if you have already purchased some form of IMA membership.

    Since students pay considerably lower CMA fees, it is advantageous for candidates to begin their CMA journey while still in school. Students may also save time learning by taking advantage of their accounting classes. Many accounting courses have content that would be tested on the exam.

    Fees for IMA Membership

    Becoming a member of the Institute of Management Accountants is the first step toward being a CMA. The IMA is the only body that offers the CMA which is a national community of finance practitioners and accountants with over 125,000 participants.

    To become a member of IMA, you must first choose a membership form and pay an annual membership fee. A one-time registration fee of $15 is required, depending on the membership form.

    Professional, Student, and Academic memberships are the three categories of memberships available. The Professional membership is the most common. If you apply for Student or Academic enrollment, you will be able to take advantage of a variety of IMA benefits at a discounted rate, including reduced CMA entry and exam fees.

    Aside from being a CMA prerequisite, IMA membership comes with a slew of other perks. Access to free CPE opportunities, discounts on certain CPE courses, access to local IMA chapters and councils, subsidised programmes, and more are just a few of the perks.

    How do I reduce the cost of being a CMA?

    We’ve already seen how taking the CMA test while still a student will save you hundreds of dollars. Another excellent way to save money is to ensure that you are fully qualified for the CMA test before taking it. It might seem simple, but any time you sit for a portion of the CMA test, you’ll pay between $311 and $415, so the only way to save money is to pass each part the first time. Working with a CMA examination company and dedicating adequate time to studying for the CMA test are the two ways to do this. Don’t take such a costly test without knowing what to expect on the day of the exam.

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