CMA Exam Parts

The main goal of the CMA exam is to ascertain that the candidate has the skills necessary to meet the demands placed on CMAs by the accounting industry. To check the candidate’s capabilities, the exam is split into two parts that test the different topics every CMA needs to be skilled in.

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    Part 1 of the CMA review – Financial Planning, Results, and Analytics, assesses your ability to conduct the accounting-related CMA work duties at a high level.
    Part 1 of the CMA review – Financial Planning, Results, and Analytics, assesses your ability to conduct the accounting-related CMA work duties at a high level.

    What are You Tested for on the CMA USA Exam?

    The IMA performs routine research to determine the type of work that CMAs are supposed to complete. This knowledge is used by ICMA, IMA’s qualification division, to keep the exam current. The Content Specification Outlines (CSOs) and the Learning Outcome Statements are two documents that act as the CMA exam’s syllabus.

    Content Specification Outlines (CSOs)
    • Lay the groundwork for each review by establishing the base.
    • Provide a foundation for clear examination coverage.
    Learning Outcome Statements (LOSs)
    • Outline the functions that a CMA should be able to complete in the sense of the CSOs.
    • Provide a more specific and thorough description of the skills required of a qualified nominee.

    CMA applicants are required to have a basic understanding of the industry. Basic financial statements, time worth of money principles, and elementary figures are all covered at this stage. Getting yourself assessed with some good review provider is the perfect way to ensure you are qualified for the CMA test.

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    What is tested on Part 1 of the CMA exam?

    Part 1 of the CMA exam tests your accounting knowledge and skills. It has six content areas, or “domains.” Here is a high-level overview of what to expect from each domain in Part 1. It is not exhaustive. For a list of specific tasks, check the LOSs.

    External Financial Reporting Decisions
    Cost Management
    Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting
    Internal Controls
    Performance Management
    Technology and Analytics

    CMA Part 1 exam content outline

    CMA Exam Part 1: Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics

    CMA Part 2 exam content outline

    CMA Exam Part 2: Strategic Financial Management

    Which part of the CMA exam should I take first?

    You are aware of the CMA USA course details and parts, it is now time to know which section to work on first. Sections of the CMA test can be taken in any order. Review the CSOs to assess the right plan for you, and pick the one that best suits your experience or interests you the most, and participate in that one first.

    NOTE: While certain candidates will opt to take Part 2 first because the pass rate for Part 2 is often 10% higher than for Part 1, this does not mean Part 2 is better. Part 1’s “weed-out effect” could account for this disparity.

    With proper training, anybody can pass the CMA accounting test, but choosing the portion that takes the least amount of study time or that you can find the simplest to schedule a time for will make the first time studying even easier. You will have the courage you need to keep going after you pass one section.

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