CMA Requirments

One of the first steps toward being a successful Certified Management Accountant is to pass the CMA exam, so it’s crucial to understand all of the standards and which ones you need to meet before beginning the CMA programme.

Below are the conditions for being a CMA:

  • Join the IMA.
  • Enrol in a CMA course.
  • Successfully pass the CMA exam.
  • Have a four-year degree from a college or university that is accredited
  • Have a minimum of two years of experience in management accounting or financial management.
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    Ima Membership Requirement

    There is only one prerequisite to begin your CMA journey: you must enrol with the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA). The Institute of Certified Management Accountants (ICMA), which administers the CMA exam, is the parent body of the IMA. Joining IMA and becoming an involved participant are all necessary steps of being a CMA. All you have to do to become an “active member” is to pay the annual membership fee.

    Joining IMA is an easy procedure, that takes just a few minutes to complete online:

    • Visit the IMA’s website.
    • Fill out a membership application.
    • Pay the annual subscription fee as well as the one-time registration fee.
    • IMA membership has several advantages in addition to being the legislative body for CMAs.

    NOTE: To keep their certification, CMAs must remain active members of the IMA. If your affiliation with IMA lapses, you can re-join and your membership will be reinstated (you won’t have to go through the whole process of becoming a CMA again).

    CMA Program Requirement

    You must also participate in the CMA curriculum in addition to entering IMA. The ICMA will charge you an enrollment fee (based on your membership type) to join this scheme. Aside from writing the CMA test, the ICMA scores it, produces your score sheets, notifies the boss when you’ve passed the curriculum (if requested), and issues you a customised, numbered diploma at the end.

    You will have three years from the time you enrol in the CMA programme to pass all sections of the CMA test. If you don’t pass the CMA test, you’ll have to re-enrol in the programme and pay the fee again. When you join the CMA programme, you can have access to the CMA support kit. This kit would contain a glossary of words as well as retired CMA exam questions.

    NOTE: The questions are sent by the ICMA to CMA analysis providers. You will get hundreds of retired CMA analysis questions that have been sorted by subject region and updated with comprehensive response details if you work with a review company.

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