CMA Testing Windows and Exam Appointments

Choosing a CMA testing date can be stressful because it involves choosing a testing time and arranging the appointment.

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    What is the protocol for making a CMA exam appointment?

    You must apply for a CMA testing window, pay CMA exam fees, choose a Prometric testing centre, arrange the CMA exam appointment, and confirm your appointment to schedule a CMA exam appointment. This may seem to be a long list of measures, but the majority of them would inevitably fit together.

    Registering for the CMA exam

    You will be able to apply for the CMA test after you have entered IMA and registered in the CMA programme. Pay the CMA exam fees and choose a study window to take the exam.

    NOTE: You cannot reschedule your CMA exam outside of the training timeframe you want without forfeiting your payments. To put it another way, though you can change your exam date later, your exam registration is only eligible for the testing window in which you enrolled. If you are unable to sit for the CMA test within the window you first enrolled for, you will have to re-register.

    Visit the CMA website of the IMA.

    You’ll be able to pick from several CMA testing periods, so pay attention to the month and year of the testing window you choose.

    Log into your IMA account, assuming you’ve already signed up. If you haven’t already done so, then first join IMA.

    Register for the CMA trial window and pay for it. Test registration costs $415 for Practitioners and $311 for Students and Scholars, based on the IMA membership form.


    • Having a deadline will help you stay motivated.
    • You’re more likely to get your desired exam date, time, and place. This will make you relax and cut back on your travel time on exam day.


    • If you underestimate your prep period or anything unexpected happens, you will have to reschedule your test and maybe incur extra fees.
    • If you overestimate your preparation period, you will need to spend more time refreshing so you don’t skip topics from your tests. This is much worse if you skip the whole examination cycle and have to pay your exam registration fee all over again.

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    How to choose a CMA exam Testing window?

    Some applicants automatically apply for their testing window after enrolling in the ICMA’s CMA programme. This option has its range of benefits and drawbacks.

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